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pottery membership rules and form

Interested in becoming a member?

Studio members pay a monthly fee for open access to the studio wheels, kilns, glazes and all equipment. 

Members must have prior experience working in a pottery studio,  and enough familiarity with the clay process and be able to work independentl  and responsibl in a shared studio space. 

If you don't have prior studio experience, than our group or private classes are one way to gain enough experience to become a member.


** For membership please read the below guidelines and complete the form. Thanks!

WINTER SALE - new membership fee is $125/mo from Nov 1 - March 31 2024!

​Fees: membership rate $175/month, billed on the 15th of each month.

Firing fees: $0.05/cubic inch. Measure the width, depth, height in inches, record for each piece on our firing chart. Pieces must be paid before glaze firing.

Storage: All members have a 48x18 inch shelf to store work and material.

Clay: We have 3 house clays from Sheffield pottery, white stoneware cone 6 T6B, dark stoneware cone 6 4D3D and Liz's Light cone 6 porcelain style. A 25lb plug is $25. There is no charge for reclaimed clay (non-pugged) when available. We bisque to 04 and glaze fire to 5/6

Glazes: Included in the membership. We have a variety of cone 6 glazes and underglazes

Equipment: We have 8 wheels, slab roller, wall mount extruder, hand extruder,  2 electric kilns and forms.

Studio access - 7AM - 10PM daily 

** Group classes are conducted in the studio, which may effect the availablity of wheels. The classes are only 1 1/2 hrs. We will notify all members well in advance of anything scheduled.  

Studio Rules

** Maintaining a studio that is clean and safe is paramount **


Signin when you arrive.

Please do not handle/touch anyone else's work.

Conserve water - don't leave water running.

We have some tools but members should bring their own tools and apron.

Clean your work station and leave as you found it. This includes sponging floor around you, cleaning tools, extruder, slab roller, etc. 

Wheels - clay and slip water should go into reclaim buckets, spash trays washed and wiped clean, wheel head, table, legs and floor spounged.

All clay and slip water should be reclaimed. Do not throw clay/slip in the sink.  

Wire off work from bats. Do not store work on bats. Leave bats clean.

Sign the bottom of all your work so you are find it again after a bisque fire.

Please, No dry sanding in the studio (health hazard). Wet sanding only.

Personal items should be hung up, do not leave on work tables. We are not responsible for any personal items lost or stolen, missing.

No smoking, vaping, alcohol on premises.

No dogs/pets.

No guests without approval.

Please No talking on cell phones in the studio (please go outside)

Bullying, harrassment or toxic behavior of any kind is not tolerated and will result in loss of membership. 

Always leave yourself a minimum of 20 minutes to proporly clean up before leaving.

** Please be aware that your studio membership can be revoked and cancelled at anytime for not adhearing to the safety/cleaning  standards of the studio. Clay dust/silica can cause health problems. We do our best to maintian a clean studio but all of the members are responsible to vigilantly adhear to these rules and cleaning standards.   



Always have a bucket of water and spounge with you to wipe down drips as they happen

Do not water down glazes.

Keep glazing buckets covered after use.

Do not open more than one glaze, drips contaminate other glazes.

Wipe up drips as they happen. Keeps the lids, side of bucket and drips on floor clean.

Wipe down the walls and floor 

No bottom glazing - use wax resist if neccesry 

Always leave bottom edge free of glaze

No double-dipping of glazes -  damage to the kiln

Leave the glaze area clean, clean, clean - Thank you!


Calculate firing fee for each item proir to bisque by using the studio chart.

Measure the cubic inch w/d/h and multiple by .05, for each piece, complete a firing slip with your name, date, calculation and total fee and leave under each piece on the firing shelf.  

Firing fees must be paid prior to glaze firing.

No single firing. All work must be bisque fired first.

Glazed/finished work that is unclaimed will be discarded after 2 weeks.

Glaze runs from poor technique, that cause damage to the shelf will result in a bill-back for cost of replacement.

Glazed work that is considered too dangerous for the kiln shelves may be rejected.

** Please note these rules are periodically updated.

Studio Membership Form

Thanks for submitting!

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